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E6 Slide Processing
Order pre-paid services by mail. Select ADD to CART and update your quantity in the Paypal shopping cart.  Include a copy of your invoice with your order.  We will be expecting your order by mail. We will ship your film back to you.

Ship your film and your invoice to:

Digital Pro Prints
6170 Antioch St.
Oakland, CA 94611

E6 Slide Developing - We process E6 slides in-house 7 days a week.  $9.99 per 35mm roll. We will process your rolls within 24 hours.   We mount in recycled plastic mounts unless requested no to mount.

E6 Slide Developing and Scan - 35mm Slide film developing and transfer the files to you via the internet (dropbox or wetransfer) to your paypal email address. $15.95 per roll.

Slide Scanning  - We will scan your 35mm mounted slides with our $70K film scanner.  $0.69 each. Higher resolution scanning is available at $2 more per scan.  Our standard scanning is aprox 1200x1800 pixels.  10 slides Minimum.
E6 Slide Develop
and Scan
35mm Mounted
Slide Scanning
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